Atelierlmtl is a creative studio. By this statement we put forward original design that will be a collaboration between the client and the studio. For an upcoming brand or an existing company, Atelierlmtl will take a personalized approach to every single projects. With experience designers the products design will go from initial research, moodboards and all the way to the technical drawing in order to sample the shoes.



Nature is at the center of Atelierlmtl design inspiration. The four seasons and the conversation with humans gives direction to many of our projects in order to anchor the product in it's environment. Being conscient of nature and the influence we have on it also serves as a guideline of where we manufacture products. In this constant awareness we strive to participate in a sustainable industry.  



Atelierlmtl works with numerous factories in Europe. The choice is based on working with artisan and communities that have built a craft and knowledge in the industry. The human factor is at the center of the product development and every factory is visited to insure it has the same vison as we have of the industry.