If you haven't heard of them yet, there is a new brand that recently made it's debut in the market called VICO. Conceived in Holland, VICO brings a fresh and original approach to design. Kevin and his partner began in the industry with, like many of us, an addiction to sneakers and the desire to hunt for special editions. After a few years gaining experience as a product manager for several brands, Kevin finally made the leap to create his own line.

    In a business where nostalgic and vintage looks dominate the trends, they felt a new vision needed to be introduced. It is this observation in which VICO's motto is based: MOVE FORWARD.

    Within a few seconds of observing the sneakers I received, I felt the richness and quality of the product. I definitely wasn't surprised to read MADE IN PORTUGAL on the innersole! This is a great example of VICO's consideration to deliver a quality product to their customers. Not only does it allow them to have access to good tanneries, recycled components, like their footbed, but it allows them to work with a factory that had been run by several generations of experienced cobblers and that most importantly, believed in their project.

     The back detail might be considered the DNA of the sneaker, but as you flip it around, you realize the amount of detail and balance that allow these kicks to attack the market with style. VICO is available only in Europe for now, offering one style that comes in 7 different colour combos.