MR POSTMAN : OTZ1-Brogan Leather

Today I have received this amazing pair of boots from Oetzi3300 The brand was named after the discovery of an prehistoric man frozen in the ice of the alps and carbon dated at 3300 years BC. In his feet a pair of shoes that gave Ludovic Malmoux the spark to create a simple yet functional footwear brand that would be inspired from the past yet crafted with today in mind.

''The leather is unbacked hence no glue to bond the backing to the leather and hence allowing the leather to stretch to the shape of your feet as well as breath like leather naturally does. The Lycra sock feels like a neoprene stretch sock but is made from high density foam sandwiched with Lycra... this allows the sock to be super stretch and comfy but also breathable....'' L.Malmoux

The attention to details defines the spirit behind which keeping things simple allows the object to be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

I have been rocking a pair of OTZ-300GMS Linen in Black Coarse Linen and the comfort of the cork sole is allowing your footprint to slowly take shape and become a natural cast.