Yesterday I went to my favorite sneaker shop in town INDUSTRY to check the new brand Urshuz. Created by Grant Delgatty, an ex-designer from Vans in collaboration with a Quebec Company, this new footwear brand is something else! With a creative approach and a green consciousness in mind, Urshuz allows you to create your own pair with many different options of upper and soles. But more then that you can even go from a nice mid cut leather shoe to a easy flip flop, and all that using the same sole. I will take you in a step by step overview of the whole experience.

The branding and packaging is definitely a great layout that appeals to the more environmentally oriented people. Uppers and soles are sold separately but you'll find mounted examples on the shelves too in order to get a visual, and try them. Talking of trying them, the comfort was amazing, the sole feels like it's ure old running shoe comfort but on a brand new product. And once on, the look is quite surprising. The sole has been work in a way that flows really well with the Crepe soles trend that is on this year. Even the brick red version allows you to get a Dr marten feel on a black leather upper. On my side I went for the earth combo mix of the Brax Sienna upper mix with the Cork sole.

There was even a little briefing from the vendor that was really useful in order to understand the concept and how to build it.

 The little loops hanging out are there to hold on to the sole. Don't be scared if they stay in your hand as they are made to be replaced and easy removed, but on the other side once they are hooked to the sole, they are really in place to stay!

The soles are really fun and both side are engraved with messages from the founder and also reflection on the footprint we leave behind in the landfill. Which brings me to the fact that these soles are 100% recyclable. 

 The tool to take off the sole or to even put them on is hidden under the innersole.

Starting from the front and then making ure way around you slip these hook inside the sole. While watching an old kevin costner movie ( Mr Brooks ) it took me about 7 minutes to fit both upper on the soles.

Final look is really good and I must say surprising. Once on it seems like any other pair of shoes. By that I mean the feel and the look does not allow you to think or see that the sole is removable. I know it will it the Canadian Urban Outfitters this June and for your local dealer I guess the best is to check out they're Web site! I am dam curious to see what the reaction will be among the Shoe business!