Pastel colors are gonna be in full effect. But when you say pastel it does not mean dull and here you have a great perspective of bright combos yet very pastel looking colors. Sometimes it's a matter of texture, meaning material use to create the pastel texture.
Let the light in, open the window and let's see what's inside. See through soles, clear plastic cover are only hints of where this is going.

Rock as gone through several changes during the 90's. Punk rockers became more emo and left London for LA. Well it's back to the roots and there is a definite revival of the Clash City Rockers!
The Young American theme is bold and retro. Like these old plastic toy your fathers played with that seemed to be dip in a bucket of red... a bit like these ice cream cone in chocolate. It also allows to play texture with a used feel or even a faded look to it.
I know camo seems to always hang around and you will say it's never gone... the same way skulls are always somewhere, But the trend is extending to a whole military vibe that goes beyond the AOP prints!