You are what you wear

We are what we wear. And from the furthest I can remember shoes have always been a special occasion for me. Is it the fact that they keep us on the ground, like the base to a tower. Is it because they come in a box that makes them look precious or similar to a gift. All I can say is being in a shoe store and selecting models is still to that day a special moment.
The last few years have been madness... shoes became sneakers and buyers freaks. Due to that we went through the madness of all over printed shoes to space landing boots looking kicks, passing from sensor response Nike shoes and so many others I'm sure you remember.
But recently fashion as taken a turn. Is it the new generation that is asking to get simple yet responsable products or have we overdose on the amount of frankenstein products we did. Well one thing for sure is that a lot is twisting around now. Shoes are simple, classics are taking back they're place and most of all influencing a lot of new comers. But what I am enjoying especially is the amount of nice and valuable materials that are being use for these new kicks.
All that to say that I will take you along this road that is unfolding and show you my perspective of what is the future of the Komfortzone that sneakers brings to us.