Shape shifter

The chukka shape is out of control this past year, joining the boat shoes madness. It had been a while and it seemed to me that I could only relate it to Kickers if it was not a dressy shoe. But a breathe of fresh air as brought us many twist and a great revival of this great shape. The beauty of it is brands like DC putting out the Cadet Chukka for Fall 2010 and keep revising it with collaborations like the latest with the Hotel on Rivington. Lacoste does is homework with a the Chukka Black that leaves it a all to the upper on top of a simple white sole. Of course Vans is in the house and has done many version of it, but the one that draws a lot of attention from me for it's choice of sole that kinda look Jack Purcell-ish, supporting an all croc type texture upper. In that same vibe Circa goes for a similar vibe, all that to show that the interpretation is endless if you don't stick to the rules but understand them!