Nouvelle Vague

Tom shoes brought a great cause to a great product. By giving away a pair of shoes to kids in a developing country when you buy one, they have put their name on the map but also brought back l'espadrille. This Canvas and cord slipper that was so popular in the 80's and way way way before that. Tom shoes twist it and made it a social tool while Sanuk, also on the boardwalk with a similar style but for a more modern audience took off the cord sole, and replaced it by a rubber sole.
All this trend will arrive in time with the warm summer of 2011. After boat shoes coming back it's time to go way back to when St-Tropez was filled with striped tent and umbrellas and men were wearing one piece swimming suit. Straw hat, seersucker shirt, a nice tan pair of trousers and to finish it all in beauty a pair of ''espadrille''. But it does not mean you need to leave your skateboard behind and the rest of your culture, Bagua as taken care of you in this vibe... Big time!