The industry talks a lot about getting things to be greener and to use recycled resources in order to stop creating products out of raw materials. Few have done the actual move and some of them just stop after one season. But somewhere in Europe the idea of making it a business plan was slowing growing. And now it’s in a full bloom. From a idea in Emmanuel Cortez’s head to the shoes he’s now producing there was a lot of step.

He knew he had to conceive a brand that would be positive from the start. The final product is foryourearth ( pronounce like fry but no R ) a company that is reducing the carbon footprint by making many statement along the conception of their shoes. The soles are made of 50% recycled shoes that are shred and added to natural rubber and some synthetic rubber too. The upper is made of organic cotton and recycled polyester and to seal it off they use water based glue.

But it does not stop with the shoes material and conception, part of the money goes back to their industry in Vietnam and Taiwan in order to improve their workers lifestyle, a tree is planted every time a pair is sold and they work in association with Planète Urgence.

So who said great streetwear sneakers could not feel good and make the world feel good at the same time. Emmanuel Cortez is a living proof that when there is a will there is way. FYE as a great collection of high top and low top that will make you take a step further in a better world.

To all my colleague designer around the world, I hope it will plant a seed in your mind and allow you to see the future of fashion differently.

And I would like to finish this article by a saying from a great tribe from the Canadian west coast that I’m sure Cortez will agree with : We do not inherit this land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.